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Trauma & PTSD

A care-free day sunny day can suddenly end when something in the environment, or a thought, brings a memory back from the actual trauma-such as a look, color or a smell.

Trauma & PTSD can be debilitating, but treatable. The residue of past traumas can live on indefinitely consciously, or unconsciously, and can mis-cue danger at any moment— igniting animal defenses. Intense emotions like fear ensue.

The body can shut down with PTSD, go numb and mimic a numbness, like playing dead (submit). It can also fuel an anxious hyper-vigilance. Often a person with PTSD bounces between both states

Trauma and PTSD symptoms can include: racing thoughts, vivid flashback memories, nightmares, intense anxiety, poor impulsive control, explosive anger, an impending sense of danger or doom, feeling guarded, numb, spaciness, loss of concentration, insomnia, emotional overwhelm, easily startled, racing thoughts, a racing heart or feeling clammy.