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Therapy for People Who Want More Than Talk


Many of my clients have tried therapy before when anxiety reared up or something tanked their self-worth. 

They struggled through bad relationships, tough upbringings, or boundary-crashing colleagues and friends. Life brought on anxiety, loneliness, depression, or feeling out of touch with themselves.

Whatever brought them to therapy, they talked through it. 

That’s what therapy is, right?

You go to therapy to talk?

Well...not necessarily.

Many of my clients like to go deeper than understanding what trips them up. They want root level change. Talking has helped them, but they also know working with unconscious information stored in their body can create more change than words alone.

Your brain can talk over and through your issues, but your body is the touchstone. Your body tells you what you’re really feeling. It also keeps sabotaging habits in play-despite your best efforts to change them.

We’re so trained to ignore our body’s responses that we’ve lost touch with this direct path to growth and healing. 

When you can slow down, get mindful, and notice new information coming up, that’s when the biggest change is possible.

People’s posture can even change by undoing defeating life lessons locked in their bodies long ago.

I practice both EMDR and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. These enhanced talk therapies can help people change their self destructive habits by creating a direct experience in therapy. This way we can directly find out how these patterns operate. We use mindfulness, curiosity and our healing relationship to help transform your old beliefs and behaviors.

Anxiety can decrease (agitation, social anxiety, and panic attacks, and all it’s manifestations).

Confidence can go up (along with motivation, energy and clarity).

After working together, clients tend to feel more in-tune and content with themselves, and thus make it easier to use their unique gifts for a more meaningful life.

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