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 C.O.: Joanne is an incredible therapist. I am continually grateful to have her in my life. She has helped me develop into myself in a way I didn't know was possible. Thanks to her support and deep presence, I've been able to find my voice and exercise it in both personal and professional settings. This has meant that I have more agency in these spaces, and have experienced much more genuine connection with others. Joanne gives space for you to process, and also to integrate those learnings, which means that the insights I've gained are profound, and I'm better able to genuinely act from those insights.

J.H.: Joanne’s empathy and authenticity are unlike anyone else I’ve worked with, and her guidance has been invaluable.. Through developing embodiment, mindfulness, and self-love, our work has helped me heal my inner adult/child relationship and stand as a whole person. I’m so grateful to continue this powerful work with Joanne.

L.R.: Working with Joanne for…has been a game-changer for me.... Joanne uses the somatic method and it has been a fascinating and very powerful exercise. Joanne is a careful and calculated coach who approaches each session with curiosity and compassion. I have felt more progress in the areas of self-awareness, self-respect and self-love in just 1.5 years with Joanne than I did with 10 years of talk therapy. While talk therapy was very important and necessary, to make greater change and see more results in my consciousness, to increase my awareness of when I am being hijacked and to create more space and love for myself to come back to the adult present, I needed these sessions and continue to look forward to more progress with continued work. Therapy is a journey and Joanne has become a crucial guide and helper for me.

A.B.: I had been having an extremely difficult time dealing with grief from my mother in law's passing (sounds unlikely I know, but she had become like my own mother who had passed when I was very young). The grief was affecting me in ways that were limiting my life. Thank goodness for Joanne. She helped me work through the grief and work through much older issues. I'm stronger than before and I'm ever grateful to Joanne. If you need some help working through grief, anxiety or trauma from your past, try seeing Joanne. She is a miracle worker.

S.R: I have had the privilege of working with Joanne over the past 4 years and have found her to be an incredible facilitator of personal growth for me. Her kindness, compassion, and intuition always put me at ease and create a natural flow for us to explore a range of issues. Joanne uses a variety of tools in her practice and always takes care to talk me through them and answer any questions I have. I have seen the benefits of working with Joanne in both my personal and professional life and am extremely grateful for her patience and overall support. I always look forward to our sessions and couldn’t recommend her more highly.

I.W: I celebrate Joanne's unconditionally positive warm presence and exceptional empathy skills. A truly gifted colleague, who is a highly effective therapist, starting with- she just truly cares. I highly recommend working with her if you are recovering from childhood trauma. Joanne works with reversing patterns such as poor self image, perfectionism or co-dependancy. She knows the way to make dreams possibilities.

M.Q: Joanne is extremely easy to connect to. Every time we met, her warm spirit helped me open up and be honest about what was really going on in my life. Her friendly and welcoming personal style made it easy for me to talk to her. As a person who has had occasion to work with many mental health practitioners, I can't tell you how much easier that made our conversations. She knows what she is doing, and she is so easy to relate to.