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 Style of Therapy

It’s frustrating to watch yourself repeat the same harmful, annoying patterns and behaviors, but feel helpless to change them.

It’s awful to feel tense, or keyed up, or walk around with various aches and pains.

It also stinks to know you’re not fulfilling your full potential, and the same old crap keeps dragging you back down, whether it’s misery at work, bad relationships, or your anxiety defeating you at the worst moments.

We now understand that traumas, emotional upheavals, and difficult experiences in our lives get stored in the body. We control our emotional responses to things by locking down tight: we lock our jaw to keep from snapping at people, tense our shoulders so we don’t cry, tighten our fists to hold the anger in when we’re mad.

And the cumulative effects add up!

We live with aches and pains, we have tension we can’t explain, and no matter how much we try to exercise and eat right, we never feel amazing in our minds and bodies. Something always feels off. These patterns mess with our sleep, our moods, and our reactions to life.

More than that, we constantly self-sabotage and we don’t know why! Or if we do know why, we feel helpless to really change it.

EMDR and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy reveal the origins of our self-sabotaging behaviors so we can resolve them at their core.

When therapy ignores our bodily experiences, we can only go so deep.

Sure, you can think your way through solutions to your problems, but when you’re in the moment, feeling heightened emotion, your body will always take over and run the show. We can’t think away our instinctive responses.

What we can do is begin to unravel them through exploration, mindfulness, careful tracking, and allowing repeated opportunities to let go of what we’re holding onto.

This therapy is experiential and transformative.

Even my clients who practice yoga and meditate daily tell me this work has gotten them more deeply in touch than anything else they’ve done. Clients also tell me how their leadership skills and their important relationships improve.

That same experience could be available to you.

If you’re ready for a different kind of therapy experience, you know where to find me! There’s no reason to go another day in pain.