Perfectionist & Workaholic

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Workaholism and/or perfectionism are often used to manage anxiety, depression or difficult feelings by staying too busy but, as you likely know, is a short term fix.

Do you recognize yourself anywhere here?

My partner complains I don't spend enough time with him

or the kids. I know he’s right, but he doesn't understand how buried I am. Maybe shouldn't have accepted those extra projects. I just couldn't tell my boss "no." I barely have time to eat or sleep.

I need to achieve, or perform, to feel good about myself. I won't feel my worth, unless I can show my value.

I need to do everything perfectly, “Good enough” doesn't cut it, since I won’t feel good about my work-or myself. I wish I wasn't so burned out. If I had more time I'd get it right. Maybe I should work over the weekend?

I know I just finished this big project, but there's no time to stop and take a breather.