Mission and Philosophy

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My mission is to help people heal, grow, experience more harmony and satisfaction in life.

My philosophy is from Pat Ogden's Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Ron Kurtz‘ Hakomi foundational principles:

Body/Mind/Spirit Holism means each part interacts with the other, albeit sometimes unequally. "Although Sensorimotor Psychotherapy identifies and works with issues arising from the spiritual, psychological and emotional aspects of our total being as well as physical ones, we recognize and value the body as a primary source of intelligence, information, and change." Pat Ogden

Unity means we are all connected. As collaborators, we share the experience of what is unfolding. We are co-piolets on an adventure.

Non-violence means to be present, connected and have no agenda for what is right or wrong. The truth will unfold. There is no need to struggle to make something happen in session. If we are curious, present and following what wants to happen, then something will very likely happen on it's own. This is following the wisdom of the body.

Organicity is belief in the inherent health and wisdom of each person to heal and grow. We value and explore what is important the client. They know best!