(A)ll experience is registered ultimately in the body; including spiritual and mental experience.... (W)e can communicate with the unconscious through the body.

~Pat Ogden, PhD

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Welcome. I am warm, compassionate and collaborative. I have helped people like you for twenty+ years. Perhaps I can help you too. Mostly I facilitate more freedom from the pain, or annoyance, of self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors. I use powerful, yet gentle, evidence-based tools for change, like EMDR and somatic talk therapy. I can help guide you towards greater awareness, wisdom and your natural drive to heal and grow. We could discover automatic limiting beliefs and behaviors like needing to perform perfectly or excessive self-reliance. While these beliefs were adaptive as a child, they can now create problems in relationships, work-life balance and contentment. I would like to help you change faulty beliefs, heal emotional pain, and liberate your true self vs. re-playing old childhood coping strategies

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Life is too short to wrestle with anxiety, panic attacks or feeling stuck. There is little need to labor under your inner critic or undermining patterns that erode your confidence and aliveness. Being captive as a perfectionist or workaholic can take its toll on your quality of life and relationships. PTSD and trauma can be quite painful and debilitating. After working together, many clients feel empowered to live more satisfying lives with greater confidence, meaning and choice.

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What to expect? I can help you “puzzle” through challenges of daily life such as work and relationship difficulties. For working through sabotaging behaviors and negative beliefs, integrative somatic talk therapy (Sensorimotor Psychotherapy) can be quite effective. No prior experience is needed. I teach clients mindfulness skills and how to notice key information that surfaces from the unconscious via the mind-body connection. Once we update old beliefs, I verbally provide the authentic missing experience such as finally feeling seen or valued. For trauma, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and EMDR are known to often erase the painful residue of trauma. Experts sing high praises for Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and EMDR. I would be delighted to tell you more about this work and see if it can benefit you too.