Sensorimotor Psychotherapy & EMDR

The body is the royal road to the unconscious. ~ Pat Ogden, PhD.

Therapy for People Who Want More Than Just Talk

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A lot of my clients have tried therapy before. Some have tried it several times over the years, when anxiety reared up or when something tanked their self-esteem.

Often they’ve struggled through bad relationships, tough upbringings, or boundary-crashing colleagues and friends. Life has brought on anxiety, loneliness, depression, and feeling out of touch with themselves.

Whatever brought them to therapy, what they got was a lot of talk.

That’s kinda the deal, right?

You go to therapy and you talk?

Well...not necessarily.

See, my clients like to go even deeper than that. They know that what your body goes through can be even more important than the words their brains churn out.

Your brain can talk over and through whatever it wants, but your body is the touchstone. Your body tells you what you’re really feeling, and keeps sabotaging patterns repeating in your life.

The hard part is that we’re so trained to ignore our body’s responses that we’ve totally lost touch with this really direct path to healing.

When we slow down, get mindful, and observe what’s coming up for us in various situations that’s when the biggest changes happen.

Real changes.

Changes deep in your brain.

We actually process and update our habitual patterns. People’s posture can even change as a result of undoing lessons that were locked in our bodies years ago.

I practice both EMDR and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. While these are talk therapy (meaning, not hands-on), they are styles that track your experience (body, emotions, thoughts, sensations, and images) that arises moment by moment, using mindfulness and skilled guidance.

It’s profound work that creates deep and lasting change for people.

Anxiety decreases (and social anxiety, and panic attacks, and all its manifestations).

Feelings of confidence go up.

People find themselves feeling more free, more spontaneous, and more in-tune with themselves-and others.

They tend to feel more self-acceptance and self-respect.

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