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Do you see couples or children?

I see adult individuals and couples.

Are you inclusive?

I welcome clients of any and all ethnicities, sexual preferences, and gender identities. My SF office is accessible to the less abled.

Is there any physical contact in your style of therapy?

There is not. The work is done with you paying careful attention to your present moment experiences and reporting them to me. I also track and ask questions based on what what you’re reporting, and what I’m noticing and observing.

What are your rates?

My rate is $190/session. I have a couple sliding scale times available for those in need.

Do you take insurance?

I see a couple Aetna clients in the non-prime time hours, but most pay out of pocket. There are advantages to choosing private pay over using insurance, including more privacy and better control over your personal information. If you want more info to make your decision, just ask when you call and I’m happy to tell you more.

Do you do phone sessions?

In general, this type of work is best done face-to-face. However, life is life! Things come up. If you need to do a phone or video session due to illness or travel, please just contact me in advance so I can accommodate.

How long will therapy take?

Everyone is wildly different and comes to therapy with different goals. Nothing about the work I do is cookie-cutter, which is what keeps it meaningful and exciting. Some people come with a goal of resolving a recent trauma or a struggle in one particular area. Others want to dive into more self-exploration and better understand themselves, their motivations, and their patterns. All of that is a long way to’s up to you!

Where are you located? Click here for SF FiDi and Berkeley maps.

1.) 582 Market St., Suite 415, San Francisco Financial District, CA, 94104

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2.) 1903 Berkeley Way, Berkeley, CA 94704